Dress Option for Spring

So, every once in a while, I get asked to do a bit of fit modeling at work.  I happen to be the sample size and 5’5″ so it’s convenient for me to jump out from behind my computer and try on some of the new things our buyer is thinking about getting for Spring.

Fit Modeling

Fit Modeling

This lovely dress is inspired by one we had in the store last year, but with some improvements.  We made it a bit longer as well as more fitted in the bust area.  Now the only question is:  What colors do we want to get this dress in?  I personally think it would be fabulous in black with the bottom panel in a stark white. (Can you tell I have a think for the B&W trend this Spring?).  We also discussed nude with a cream trim and coral with a cream trim.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know which color combo you would buy!


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