French Connection Snake Print Pants Review

French Connection Snake Print Pants

French Connection Snake Print Pants

I have been hesitant to purchase any printed denim since the trend started for fear that I would instantly hate the print.  However, for some reason I have an affinity for snake prints (especially for handbags and shoes).  So, when I saw these French Connection pants on sale at Bloomies I decided to try them out.

Note: They are not denim, they are a stretchy legging – like fabric with a snake texture.  They also have an elastic waistband, which I thought was strange at first, but I don’t really mind it that much.  They only downside of the elastic waistband is that you can’t wear these pants with shorter shirts that end at the hip.

Fit wise, they are super comfortable and feel like you are wearing your PJs out in public.  The high contrast print makes them super flattering, especially at the thighs.  They are very versatile and can be paired with colorful pieces as well as neutrals.  Since they end right at the ankle, they can also be worn with flats, which is awesome for running around in the city.

You can still get them on sale at Bloomingdales for $83.16 


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