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Bundled but not frumpy

I know it’s hard to get motivated to come up with a new outfit idea when its under 20 degrees outside, so I decided to share this one for some inspiration.  My first reaction when I see temperatures below freezing is to say “forget it” and throw on my coziest cable knit sweater over jeans and call it a day.  However, I was feeling particularly motivated this morning to come up with something that would keep me warm, but without the “frump”.

Here is all you need:

Denim shirt – I recommend these:HERE, HERE and HERE.

Grey Cashmere V Neck Sweater – I recommend these: HERE, HERE and HERE.

Black Skinny Ponte Pants – I recommend these: HERE, HERE & HERE.

Brown Knee High Boots – I recommend these: HERE, HERE & HERE.

Now, here is the secret to staying super warm in this outfit.  Underneath everything, add in:

Black or Neutral Opaque Tights (sheer ones don’t give you much warmth and knit ones might not fit under your pants)

Black Long Sleeved V Neck Tight Shirt

These two items will not cause a lot of bulk, but will add the extra layer you need to keep warm, while still looking cute!

Bundled not Frumpy

Bundled not Frumpy


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